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1. For 16-bit CD-ROM drivers: Contact the manufacturer of your

CD-ROM drive or the manufacturer of your computer for an

updated 32-bit CD-ROM driver.

2. For 32-bit CD-ROM drivers:

1. Close all unnecessary programs running in the

Background. Press the CTRL+ALT+DEL keys at the same

time to open the Close Program window, select a program,

and press the End Task button. Repeat this process until

all programs except 'Explorer' and 'Systray' are closed.

2. Delete all files in your C:\Windows\Temp folder, then empty

the Recycle Bin.

3. Turn off read-ahead on the CD-ROM drive:

1. Right-click on the 'My Computer' icon and select


2. Click on the 'Performance' tab.

3. Click on the 'File System' button.

4. Choose the 'CD-ROM' tab at the top

5. Change the 'Optimize access pattern for' field to

'No read-ahead'

6. Click on Apply, then OK and finally click Close (you will be

prompted to restart your system).

4. Turn off the Autorun and DMA settings on your

CD-ROM drive:

1. Right-click on the 'My Computer' icon and choose


2. Click on the 'Device Manager' tab.

3. Click on the '+' sign next to the CD-ROM line so that it

becomes a '-' sign.

4. Click on the line that appears under the CD-ROM line so

that it is highlighted, then click on the 'Properties' button.

5. Click on the 'Settings' tab.

6. Look for the Auto-insert Notification and DMA lines. If

there is a check mark in the boxes next to either of these

lines, click on the box to remove the check mark.

7. Click on the 'Apply' button, and then click on the 'OK'


8. When you are asked if you want to restart your system,

choose 'Yes'.

You can restore all of the CD-ROM settings back to normal after the game

has been successfully installed.



After launching the game from the Start menu or Desktop

icon, you get a blank screen, a black box that surrounds the

mouse cursor, blurring or choppy graphics, vertical lines on

the screen, choppy sound, or no sound.