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The Shadow of Death game is an all-new chapter in the Heroes saga. The story

reveals the events that lead to The Restoration of Erathia game.

Here is a list of new features in Heroes of Might and Magic III: The Shadow

of Death game:

New Campaigns: There are seven new Shadow of Death game campaigns and

seven original Restoration of Erathia game campaigns. See Section VI on Page 13

for a description of the new campaigns.

New Scenarios: There are 38 new stand-alone Shadow of Death game scenarios

to test your strategic ability, in addition to the 40 Restoration of Erathia game


Force Feedback Mouse Support: We have added support for Logitech's

Wingman Force Feedback Mouse.

Combination Artifacts: Certain artifacts can be combined to form a new, more

powerful artifact. For a complete list and description of all of the Combination

Artifacts see Section X on Page 26.

Selectable Campaign Difficulty: You can select the difficulty level for each

Shadow of Death game Campaign Map.

More Special Terrain Types: We have added eight new special terrains. See

Section VII Interface Reference on page 17 for a complete description.

Moat Damage in Siege combat: All moats now damage troops in Siege Combat.

See Section VII Interface Reference on page 17 for a complete description.

Updated Unit Statistics: For better game play balance we have updated the

statistics for a few of the combat units. See Section IX on page 24 for the

updated information.

Campaign Editor: Build your own campaigns using the Campaign Editor to

connect individual Scenarios, define the story, starting options, objects that

carry-over multiple Scenarios, and cinematic sequences. Consult the online

Help File included on the CD for complete instructions on how to use the

Campaign Editor. To run the Help File launch the Campaign Editor from your

start menu and press F1.