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Keyboard Shortcuts

Adventure Map

H – Selects next hero

M – Moves current hero

Tab – Send a chat message

(multiplayer game)

Esc - Quit

K – Kingdom Overview

Town Screen

Up Arrow – Previous town

Down Arrow – Next town

Space – Switches visiting/

garrison heroes

U – Toggles map elevation

C – Cast spell

Z – Puts current hero to sleep

W – Wakens current hero

Q – Quest Log

E – End turn

A – Adventure Options

V – View World

P – Puzzle Map

D – Dig

I – View Scenario Info

O – System Options

M – Main Menu

Combat Screen

A – Automatic combat on/off

D – Defend

W – Wait

A – Displays adventure spells

C – Combat spells

S – Surrender

View Army Window

O – Combat Options

U – Upgrade creature

T – View troop

D – Dismiss creature

R – Restart Scenario

F6 – Toggles hex grid display

S – Save Game

F7 – Toggles mouse shadow


Arrow Keys – Moves current


Up/Down Arrows – Move

through bookmarks

R – Retreat

F5 – Toggles creature pop-up


Esc – Return to Game

Left/Right Arrows – Turns pages

C – Cast spell

L – Load Game

Q – Quit to Desktop

Spell Book

F8 – Toggles movement shadow


Up/Down Arrow Keys –

Scrolls combat messages

Ctrl + Arrow Keys – Scrolls

Adventure Map

Space – Selects next creature

Return – Centers current hero

or town on Adventure Map

S – Start combat during Tactics



F1 – Help

F4 – Toggles window/full screen


Esc – Cancel, Exit, or No

Return – Okay, Accept, or Yes