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Using HEAT

How to Play on HEAT

1. There are several ways to install HEAT from the Heroes III game:

• From the game CD-ROM Autorun Menu

select the More option

• From the Windows 95 Start Menu

select Heroes III and the Online Services option

• From the Multiplayer Game Type Menu

select the Online Services button

• From the Heroes III folder

click on the Online Services option

Each of these ways will bring up the Online Services menu with the HEAT button, which will install


2. For FREE gameplay on, you may use the HEAT button on the Online Services menu

or, from your Java-enabled Internet browser, go to If you aren't already a HEAT

member, register your account information. Note, that if you already installed the HEAT software

from your Heroes of Might and Magic III CD-ROM, you will not need to download the software.

(HEAT updates are automatic.)

3. Log in by entering your user name and password.

4. Choose the Heroes III game from the list of games

5. Click the "Play Now" button on the web page to get to the Heroes of Might and Magic III lobby


6. From the HEAT Heroes III game lobby, you may choose to create a new "room" or join an

existing room. If you decide to create a room you will be the moderator, who controls the game

setting options. As the moderator you can start a game at anytime by clicking the Launch button.

Note: for users with less than 48MB of RAM: Go to the Options Menu of the Katalyst, click on the General tab, and check the box

labeled Kill Browser When Game Starts.