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Launching the Game II

Problem: After launching the game from the Start menu or the desktop icon, your machine locks up,

or flashes and returns to the desktop.

Answer: There may be a conflict with the game and another program running in memory.


1. Before starting the game, press CTRL-ALT-DEL , this will bring up a list of everything running

in memory.

2. The only programs that need to be running (to run Windows) are Explorer and Systray

3. Highlight the other programs (one at a time) and select "End Task".

4. Repeat step 1 and 3 for each of the other programs.

5. Once you are down to the last two programs (Explorer and Systray), try running the program again.

For Windows 98 users:

1. Go to your Start menu and then Run.

2. In the run line type: msconfig (This will bring up your System Configuration Utility)

3. Select the "Startup" tab, and turn all of the check boxes off.

4. Press "OK" and then restart your machine.

5. Once your machine has restarted try running the program again.