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For the Desktop Area adjustment:

Click to the left or right of the slider bar to the recommended

Desktop Settings then click on Apply (Located at the lower

right area of window). You will receive a message: Windows

has now resized your Desktop Area, keep these settings?,

select "YES", then on the OK (Located at the lower left area

of the window). **Note** For Windows '98: The above steps

are correct except: 'Color Palette' is called 'Colors' and

'Desktop Area' is named 'Screen Area'.

Video and Sound card manufacturers regularly update their

software drivers to enhance performance and stability, and to

improve compatibility with DirectX. You can find links to

many of these manufacturers' sites by going to the DirectX

section of our support web site, which is located at When you see the text that

says "Choose your platform" click on PC Games link below it,

click the Troubleshooting link on the left side of the next

screen, click on the Basic Troubleshooting link, select DirectX

and Drivers from the pull down menu, and then click the Go

button. You will find the driver links at the bottom of the

DirectX and Drivers page.

You may obtain a list of Microsoft-certified video and audio

drivers for your hardware by going to

<>. Drivers listed here

are confirmed to be compatibility with Windows 95, Windows

98 and Windows NT4.0.

Microsoft updates DirectX and its components regularly and

posts them for download off of their web site at