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I hope this letter finds you well and has reached you before you

set sail with Queen Catherine to Erathia. I regret these trying

times. The duties forced upon me have made it impossible for me

to see you off in person.

First, let me congratulate you on your commission. I am glad

— no, thankful — Catherine has someone of your character

and abilities among her entourage. I do not hold such an

unqualified opinion of some who travel with you. I know you are

more at home on the battlefield than in the company of the

royal court, but let me remind you, the strategies and tactics

employed there are every bit as complex and potentially

deadly, as any found in military conflict. No, I don't have any

real proof of any particular disloyalty or treachery — just

a feeling.

It is unfortunate your first visit to Erathia could not be made

in happier times — it is a land of beauty and stability. Or at

least it has been, under Nicolas Gryphonheart's rule. He was a

great king and a dedicated ally. I will remember him best as a

man of strength and fairness, both qualities have bred