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Adventure Options

View World: This button displays a large scale view of the map in the Adventure Map display. Click on the

Zoom buttons to change the view scale. Click the Puzzle Map button to switch to a view of the Puzzle

Map, or ✔ to exit the display.

Puzzle Map: This button displays the Puzzle Map, which shows the location of the Grail. When your heroes

visit Obelisks, parts of the map are revealed. When the map is fully displayed, you will see an X marking

the spot where the Grail is buried.

Dig: In order to recover the Grail, a hero must dig it out of the ground. Click this button to direct the

current hero to dig at their location. Digging takes a full day, so the hero must not yet have moved

during the current turn.

Scenario Information: Click this button to display information about the current scenario.

Replay Opponent Turn: If you press this button, you can see a replay of your opponents' last turns.

System Options

Hero Speed: Select one of these buttons to set the

movement animation speed of your heroes.

Enemy Speed: These buttons control the movement

animation speed of your enemies. You may also choose to

hide your enemies' movements from you.

Map Scroll Speed: These buttons control how fast the map

view scrolls.

Video Quality: Selects high or low quality video playback.

Show Move Path: Toggles display of hero movement paths.

If you turn the paths off, your heroes will move immediately

towards any destination you click on.

Move Hero Reminder: This toggles on and off the Move Hero Reminder which normally displays at the

end of a turn, if you have any sleeping heroes or heroes with movement points left.

Quick Combat: When this option is on, the game resolves combat for you without displaying the

Combat Screen.