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Select your Cleric hero and move him so that he is standing between the two large tree stumps

southeast of the Castle town. This is the location where you will dig to see if the Grail is actually

here (sometimes the map indicating the location of the Grail is not entirely accurate – some of

the land’s features may have changed in the years since the Grail was hidden and its map was

made). Since digging for the Grail is a full day’s work, your hero will have to spend the night

here and dig in the morning.

End the turn.

Week 2, Day 3

Select your Cleric hero. Press the D key to dig for the Grail.

Congratulations! You’ll want to take this back to town, but since you spent the whole day

digging, you’ll need to spend the night here again.

End the turn.

Week 2, Day 4

Select your Cleric hero, and move him back to your Castle town. Click on the City Hall – you

will be asked if you wish this town to be the permanent home of the Grail. Say yes. There is

only one Grail in any game, which means that only one city will gain the benefit of the Grail

during any game. Additionally, a Grail Structure is a permanent feature, so don’t lose the town

to your enemies or they will gain the benefits of ownership for themselves!

By building the Colossus, you have won the game. When you exit the town screen you will be

shown your score, but for now, right click on the Colossus to view its benefits. As you can see,

successfully finding the Grail and bringing it to one of your cities is worth all the time and effort!

Not only does it greatly boost your income and creature growth, but each town gets a unique

bonus, just for being known as the “Home of the Grail.”

Congratulations! You have completed the Heroes of Might and Magic III Tutorial. You may

wish to read more of the game manual, or you may wish to just jump right in and play either a

single scenario or begin the campaign for the Restoration of Erathia. Good luck!

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