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Main Menu

The Main Menu displays after the introductory

animations play. To choose an option from the menu,

move the mouse cursor over a button and click.

New Game Menu

The New Game Menu appears when you click the

New Game button on the Main Menu. From this

menu you can start a single, multiplayer, or

campaign scenario from the beginning.

New Game: Choose this to start a game from the

beginning. Clicking this button sends you to the New

Game Menu, where you can select between single

player scenario, multiplayer, or campaign games.

Single Scenario: Click this button to start a single

scenario. Single scenarios are played on one map

against the computer and are completed by meeting

a set of mission conditions.

Load Game: While you are playing the Heroes III

game, you can save games in progress. Choose this

option to resume a previously saved game.

Multiplayer: You may play the Heroes III game against

other human players across the Internet, other network

connections, or on a single computer. Press this

button to display the Multiplayer Game Type

Selector. For more information about multiplayer

games, see Multiplayer (pg. 59).

High Score: When you complete a single scenario or

campaign, you receive a score based on your

performance. Click this button to display a list of the

top scores.

Campaign: Choose this button to display the selection

of campaign games. Campaign games are linked

scenarios marking climactic events in longer stories.

They are played against the computer.

Credits: Click this button to see the list of people

responsible for bringing you the Heroes III game.

Quit: Click this button to close the program and

return to Windows.

Tutorial: A special tutorial scenario has been created to

help you learn the game. To play it, click this button.

You will need to consult the online tutorial guide as

you play.

Back: Click this button to return to the Main Menu.