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Control Buttons

Kingdom Overview

Elevation Toggle

Quest Log

Sleep/Wake Hero

Move Hero

Adventure Options

Cast Spell

System Options

Next Hero

End Turn

Kingdom Overview: This button displays the Kingdom Overview (see Kingdom Overview, pg. 57).

Elevation Toggle: This button toggles the Adventure Map display between the surface and subterranean


Quest Log: Click this button to display the Quest Log.

Sleep/Wake Hero: This button puts the current hero in sleep mode. A sleeping hero is passed over

during the Next Hero selection. Wake heroes by selecting them (on the Adventure Map or with their

Hero Selector button) and clicking this button.

Move Hero: If the current hero has a movement path laid, pressing this button will move them along

their path to the extent of their movement allowance.

Cast Spell: If the current hero has a spell book, this button will display their spell book so they can cast

Adventure Spells (see Magic System, pg. 55).

Adventure Options: Click this button to display the Adventure Options (pg. 21). You may click the

✔ button to close this display.

System Options: Click this button to display the System Options menu. You can close the menu by

clicking the Return To Game button.

Next Hero: Clicking this button will select the next awake hero with any movement points down the list.

End Turn: Click this button to end your turn and allow your opponents to take theirs.