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(with remaining movement points) in order of how they appear on the portrait window. Click

until the view is on your Knight.

Move your Knight to the sign up ahead, and follow the instructions there. Once you have

flagged all four mines, continue down the passage to the southwest as far as your hero can move.

If you try moving farther than your hero has movement points to reach in the current turn, the

movement arrows and destination X will be colored red instead of green. Red arrows show the

path that the hero will take, but indicate movement that will take place on the next or subsequent

turns. Since you’re out of movement for this turn, end the turn now.

Week 1, Day 5

Notice how the movement path from the previous turn has stayed, but has now turned green to

indicate movement that can be completed this turn. Among the buttons on the right sided of the

screen is a Move Hero button. Click on this to have your Knight complete any movement left

over from last turn, then continue west and north and proceed through the Subterranean Gate.

You have traveled clear under the ocean! But this isn’t a vacation spot, this is the home of the

Demons and Devils of the infernos. It’s a good thing that there is a road here – lava terrain

causes a movement penalty for any heroes or creatures that are not native to the infernos. Other

poor terrains you will encounter include rough, desert, swamp, and snow.

To the southwest is a War Machine Factory. It behaves just like the various Blacksmiths that can

be found in towns, but with one exception – you can purchase all war machines. For now, go to

the War Machine Factory and purchase a Ballista.

You’re doing well, but with another day at an end, it’s time to end your turn.

Week 1, Day 6

Move your Knight along the road to the Star Axis structure. As you can see, a visit to the Star

Axis increases your Power skill by +1. Just like objects that increase your luck or morale, there

are sites to visit that will increase your primary stats or teach you new skills as if your hero had

gained a level. These effects are permanent. As a general rule, any number of heroes may visit a

single site, but heroes my only gain the benefit of the site once.

Further down the road is an Inferno town. The presence of a citadel means that the town has at

least minimal fortifications, so it’s a good thing you stopped at that War Machine Factory. Move

toward the town, where you will be joined by several Archangels, then launch your attack on the

town by marching your hero up to the front entrance. Instead of a Horse icon, the mouse cursor

will show that you are about to enter combat by turning into a Sword icon.