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when you are done, make sure that all the troops are in Lord Haart’s army, then exit the Town

Screen by clicking on the Exit button (bottom right).

Just to the east of your Castle town is a Sawmill. Click once on the Sawmill’s entrance, then

again to start your hero moving. When you arrive, your hero will automatically claim the

Sawmill’s production for your faction by placing a red flag (your faction’s color) on the Sawmill,

and you will receive a message telling you the Sawmill’s production. As you will discover,

many objects in Heroes III may be flagged.

Also notice that while your hero moved toward the Sawmill, some of the dark shroud covering

the map was revealed. Just to the southeast of the Sawmill is an Ore Pit. Wood and ore are the

basic resources needed for building nearly any town structure, so these should be the first

resources you seek out early in the game. Go claim the Ore Pit now.

Excellent. You now have secured wood and ore for your faction. Now, just to the west is a

treasure chest. Double click on it to move Lord Haart there, he will automatically pick it up

when he arrives. Sometimes you will find that treasure chests contain some sort of magical

artifact. Most times, though, they will contain gold, and you will be given a choice of either

keeping the gold, or distributing it to the peasants in exchange for experience points. Choose the

experience this time, because it should be enough for your hero to gain a level!

Congratulations, Lord Haart now has enough experience to reach 2nd level. Two things happen

when a hero gains a level. First, he gains +1 to one of his primary skills (Attack, Defense,

Power, or Knowledge). Second, he is offered two choices of Secondary Skill that you must

decide which you wish the hero to learn. The choices will either be a skill the hero does not

have, or an improvement to a skill that he does have. Right clicking on a skill will display its

description, so take a look at both, and pick whichever one you like.

Well, that was enough for one day, don’t you agree? Located at the bottom of the button row

just below the World Map is a button with a picture of an hourglass. Click on that button to end

the current turn. Your opponent(s) will then take their turns, and a new day will begin.

Week 1, Day 2

The first thing you’ll want to do today is build up your town, so move your hero back to the

castle. Once inside, click on the Town Hall and build a Griffin Tower. Recruit the available

Griffins and add them to Lord Haart’s army the same way you did for the other troops, then exit

the Town Screen.

Once back out on the adventure map, you should probably do a little more exploring, so have

your hero follow the road east past the Sawmill and Ore Pit. You will soon see a waterfall with a

stone face next to it. This is a Fountain of Youth, so be sure to pay it a visit. The Fountain of

Youth is just one of many locations that will boost your army’s luck or morale, or give you a

movement bonus for the rest of the day or week. These objects do not get flagged like mines,

and may be used by anyone. Morale and luck effects typically last until your next battle, so

visiting one of these sites multiple times does nothing until the current effects wear off.

End your turn.