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Video Subtitles: Toggles subtitles for videos on and off.

Town Building Outlines: When the cursor moves over buildings in the Town Screen, buildings you

can click on may be outlined. These buttons turn on and off the outline display.

Spellbook Animation: Turns on and off the page turn animations in the spell book display.

Disk Options

Load Game: This button displays the Load Game menu. Loading a new game will end the current game.

Save Game: This button displays the Save Game menu to save your current game.

Restart Scenario: Click this button to start the current scenario from the beginning.

Main Menu: Click this button to return to the Main Menu. This will end the current game.

Quit to Desktop: Click this button to close Heroes III and return to Windows.

Return to Game: Click this button to close the System Options menu and return to play.

Sound Options

Music Volume: This control sets the game's music playback volume. Clicking the volume controls to the

left reduces the volume, clicking to the right increases it.

Effects Volume: This control allows you to set the game's sound effect playback volume.

Informational Displays

The Resource Bar

The Resource Bar shows how much of each of the game's resources you currently have.

Rollover Bar

A Rollover Bar is at the bottom of most game menus and interface displays. As you move the cursor over

the screen, displayed text identifies what the cursor is currently over.

Right-Click Information

You may right-click on most game or interface items to display further information about the item. These

displays remain in view as long as you hold down the right mouse button.

Status Window Information

Information about the currently selected hero, town, or resource, as well as number of towns and allies,

appears in the box at the lower right corner. You may click on this box to toggle between the various

displays available.