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Launching the Game I

Problem: After launching the game from the Start menu or Desktop icon, you get a blank screen, a

black box surrounding the mouse cursor, blurring or choppy graphics, vertical lines on the screen, choppy

sound, or no sound.

Answer: There is probably a conflict between your video or sound card and Microsoft's DirectX.


1. Put the 'Install' CD in the CD-ROM drive.

2. Press the Start button on the Windows 95 task bar and select 'Find', and then 'Files or Folders..'.

3. Type 'dxsetup.exe' in the 'Named:' box and select your CD-ROM drive under 'Look in'.

4. Select the 'Find Now' button.

5. Double click on the 'dxsetup.exe' file when the search is done. You will see the DirectX Setup

window. All components should be version 4.05.x or greater, except for 'Old Direct Play', which

may have a lower number. If not all of the drivers are 4.05.x or greater:

6. Select the 'Reinstall DirectX' button. At this point, DirectX may prompt you for information

about your video and/or audio drivers. Follow the recommendations and restart the computer

as prompted.

For Windows 98 users:

1. Press the Start button on the Windows 98 task bar and select 'Help'

2. Select the Search tab, type 'DirectX Troubleshooter' in the text box, and then press the List Topics

button. Select 'DirectX Troubleshooter' in the Topics window, click the Display Button, and then

follow the instructions to troubleshoot your DirectX issue.

Video and Sound card manufacturers regularly update their software drivers to enhance performance and

stability, and to improve compatibility with DirectX. You can find links to many of these manufacturers' sites by going to the Driver Updates section of our support web site, which is located at

You may obtain a list of Microsoft-certified video and audio drivers for your hardware by going to Drivers listed here are confirmed to be compatibility with

Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows NT4.0.

Microsoft updates DirectX and its components regularly and posts them for download off of their web

site at