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Effects of Native Terrain

Any army composed entirely of creatures native to the same

terrain suffers NO movement penalty when traversing its native

terrain (example – a Wizard leading all Tower troops has no

movement penalty on Snow). The army would spend movement

points as though it was traveling on open grass terrain.

Heroes in Combat

Town Native Terrain

Town Type









Native Terrain









Heroes do not engage directly in fighting. However, sides led by a hero can enjoy many benefits. A hero's

Attack and Defense skills are applied as bonuses to their troops' attack and defense ratings. Other skills

possessed by heroes, such as the Archery and Leadership secondary skills, can add further benefits. They

can also be equipped with war machines and artifacts to aid their army's strength.

Heroes meeting the proper requirements (see Magic System, pg. 55) can cast combat spells once per round.

To have your hero cast a spell, click the Cast Spell button. This will display your hero's spell book with only

combat spells displayed. To cast a spell, choose it from the book and then select a target, if appropriate.

Ending Combat

Combat continues — round after round — until one or both sides lose all of their troops, one side retreats,

or one side surrenders.

Loss of Troops

If a side has troops remaining after all opponent troops are lost, then that side wins. If a hero leads the

winning side, then the hero gains additional experience points. More experience points are gained for

defeating tougher opponents. The winning hero also gains any artifacts carried by the opponent hero.

Losing heroes don't die, but they do disappear from the Adventure Map. Later, they may be available for

recruitment in taverns (see Towns, pg. 49).


If both sides are lead by heroes, one hero may surrender to the other. The surrendering hero must pay a

fee to the other hero in exchange for safe passage. To surrender, click the Surrender button. You will be

offered surrender terms, which you may either accept or decline. If you decline the terms, combat

continues. If you accept, your hero gets to keep their artifacts and troops but disappears from the

Adventure Map. Immediately after, the hero reappears in one of your town taverns for

possible re-enlistment.


A side lead by a hero may choose to retreat. The retreating hero loses all troops but keeps all carried

artifacts. To retreat, click the Retreat button. Your hero will disappear from the Adventure Map, and

reappears in your town taverns.