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Kingdom Overview

When you click on the Kingdom Overview button found on the right side of the Adventure Map display, the Kingdom Overview screen appears. On it you can see information about all your towns, heroes,

resources, and controlled locations. While resource and controlled location information is always shown,

you press the Hero Information and Town Information buttons located at the bottom right corner of

the screen to toggle between hero and town information displays.

Scroll to Top

Scroll Up

Controlled Adventure


Scroll Bar

Scroll Down

Scroll to Bottom


Hero Information

Town Information

Resource Bar

Alchemist's Lab

Ore Pits

Sulfur Dunes

Crystal Caverns Gem Ponds Gold Mines

Daily Income

Resource Information

The Resource Bar located at the bottom of the screen shows you how much gold, wood, mercury, ore,

sulfur, crystal, and gem units you currently have along with the current date. This is the same display

appearing at the bottom of the Town Screen and Adventure Map displays.

Above the Resource Bar is a row showing how many of each mine type you currently have under

territorial control.

Controlled Locations

As your heroes visit locations on the map, many of those locations become part of your territory and fly

your flag color. Icons representing these locations appear along the right side of the Kingdom Overview.

You may use the scroll arrows to cycle through the controlled location icons.