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How to Use this Manual

This manual is divided into three main sections. This section, the Introduction, contains the background

story, features information, installation instructions, and "getting started" hints. The second section,

Interface Reference, details the workings of the game's various interfaces. The third section, World

Reference, is full of descriptive and statistical information about the locations, creatures, heroes, and

spells you will encounter as you play. The Appendices contain additional information about Internet

gaming services, Troubleshooting, 3DO Customer Support, The 3DO Company 90-Day Warranty, and

an extensive index.

If you are new to the world of Heroes of Might and Magic, fear not! The game is rich in detail, true,

but it belongs to a series long applauded for ease of use. Furthermore, you can play the in-game tutorial

specifically designed to introduce you to the basic concepts of the Heroes III game gameplay. Refer to

the Interface Reference and World Reference for more detailed information as you play.

If you are familiar with the Heroes II game, you may feel comfortable diving right into the game. In the

Interface Reference, discussion of each of the game's major interfaces (for example, the Adventure Map)

begins with an overview. Read each overview, then the following sections for a more detailed explanation

about particular features. You will find the World Reference helpful as you encounter new spells, town

features, and creatures.

Manual Conventions

This manual assumes you are using a standard keyboard and two-button mouse, and you are familiar with

their use. It will also assume you have a minimal understanding of the Microsoft Windows 95/98

operating systems. If you don't understand any of the following terms, you may want to take a few

minutes and run through the tutorial materials that come with Windows 95/98:

mouse pointer




pull-down menu

dialog box

The manual will use the term "click" to replace "left-click."