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Scenario Selector

Current Map

Current Map Size

Show Available Scenarios

Size Filter Buttons

Show/Hide Chat (Multiplayer Only)

Scenario Description

# of Total Players/

Human Players

Loss Conditions

Map Size

Enemy/Ally Display

Victory Conditions

Difficulty Settings

Show Advanced Options

Before you can start a single player or multiplayer game, you must choose which scenario you want to

play. This is done using the Scenario Selector. Here you may also set the game difficulty and choose

which forces you want to control in a single player game. In a multiplayer game, the host assigns players

to their forces (see Multiplayer, pg. 59).

You may toggle the display of available scenarios by clicking the Show Available Scenarios button. You can

move the list up and down using the scroll bar along the right side of the list. When you click on a scenario's

name, it becomes highlighted and its scenario description and win/loss conditions are displayed. The

difficulty settings control the strength of the computer opponent's starting resources and artificial intelligence.

To start the highlighted scenario, click the Begin button. Click the Back button to return to the Main Menu.

Size of Map

Maps may be small, medium, large, or extra large in size. Size refers to the tile dimension of the

Adventure Map a scenario is played on. While many factors affect length of play, this can be used as a

rough gauge of how long it will take to complete a scenario, with larger maps taking more time. The Map

List Box's display may be constrained to a list of maps of a certain size by using the Size Filter buttons

located directly above it.

Size Filter Button

Map Size Displayed

S (small)

M (medium)

L (large)

XL (extra large)

All of the Above

Tile Dimension

36 x 36

72 x 72

108 x 108

144 x 144

All of the Above