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Adventure Map Cursors

Movement Cursors

Clicking on the map where these icons appear will draw a movement path from the current hero to the

desired location.

The current hero can move to this spot in the number of turns indicated in the lower right. (If no

number appears on a movement cursors, the hero can move to the target spot during the current turn.)

Appears when the cursor moves over an adventure location, like a building or mine, the current hero can


If the current hero is on land, and this cursor appears over a boat, then the hero may enter the boat.

Appears over a water location a hero on a boat may visit.

Indicates a shore location where a hero may land a boat and disembark.

Indicates wandering monsters, enemy towns, enemy garrisons, and enemy heroes a hero may attack.

Appears over heroes the current hero may trade with. When the hero is reached, the Hero Trading screen

is displayed (see Hero Trading, pg. 32)

Appears when you cast the Dimension Door spell. To teleport the casting hero to the new location, click

the destination in the Adventure Map Window.

Selection Cursors

These icons are used to select the current town or hero.

Appears over the current hero or over any of your heroes when a town is selected. Clicking selects the

current hero, or displays the Hero Screen if the hero is already selected.

Appears over your towns. Clicking selects the current town or, if the town is already selected, displays the

Town Screen.

Appears when you cast the Scuttle Boat spell. Click on the boat you wish to cast the spell on.