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To the Wizards of Bracada,

My tale is a long one, but I must tell it because there is

no one else who will. After all, who would believe Crag

Hack's bar room bragging? Gem seems to want certain

events swept under the rug, never again revealed. I

have heard nothing of Gelu since he found the cursed

sword, Armageddon's Blade. So that leaves me to tell

the tale history forgot.

I parted with you on shaky terms so very long ago. I

may be a genie like my mother, but I have my father's

adventurous spirit. Preferring the life I found in

Krewlod, I had to leave the one you offered me in

Bracada. It was on this journey of self-discovery that

this tale has its earliest beginnings. After being

accepted into Krewlod society, I began my wanderings

and met three people near the Erathian-Deyjan

border. The four of us were all searching for a new

life and stumbled upon events far larger than each of

our petty problems.

It was before the Restoration of Erathia war when I

met and worked with the young Gelu, the beautiful

Gem, and the barbaric Crag Hack. My three comrades