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were from such different backgrounds it is surprising

we were able to work together. Crag Hack was an

easygoing man, with a passion for combat, wine

and lots of women. He made me smile and forget my

own troubles for a while. When Gem wasn't

slaughtering the forces of undead, she was a quiet

and reserved woman with a kind heart. Gelu had

barely graduated from the Forest Guard, ready for

a fight and eager to prove himself. His seriousness

was surprising in one so young and contrasted

greatly against the boisterous Crag Hack.

Somehow we managed to stop a Necromancer, Sandro,

who had plans for world domination. Manipulating

Gem, Gelu and Crag Hack, he was able to reach Deyja

with some very powerful items in his possession. Once

there, he vaulted a puppet king, Finneas Vilmar, to the

throne and threatened to conquer all of Antagarich.

My tale will begin in four separate places, but in the

end you see that all of the events were intertwined,

leading to the near destruction of us all.