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Selecting a Hero

The Hero Selector buttons on the right side of the Adventure Screen are used to select your

individual heroes. Clicking a hero's button selects the hero and centers the Adventure Map display on

that hero. If you have more than five heroes, you may need to click the scroll buttons to display a hero's

selector button. Double-clicking on a Hero Selector button brings up a hero's Hero Screen (see

Heroes and the Hero Screen, pg. 23).

On the left side of each Hero Selector button is a green bar which shrinks as the hero's movement

allowance is used up. The blue bar on the right side of each button measures what percentage of the hero's

spell points he or she has left. Spell points are spent when a hero casts spells. For more information, see

Magic System (pg. 55).

Moving Your Hero

When you click on the Adventure Map at a location the currently selected hero can move to, a line of

arrows, indicating the path the hero must follow, is drawn from the hero to that location now marked by

an X. If the location is within the hero's movement limit for the current day, then the arrows and X

appear in green. If the hero cannot reach the location in one move, brown arrows indicate the length that

must be traveled in the next or subsequent turns. You may change the destination by clicking a

different spot on the map.

Click the X to move the currently selected hero along the path. You may also click on the Move Hero

control button to move the currently selected hero down the path. If you want to halt a moving hero in

mid-movement, click on the Adventure Map. The current path will remain, but the hero will stop

moving. You may resume the hero's movement or select a new destination.

Movement Allowance

How far a given hero can move is determined by the speed of the slowest creature in their army. Creature

speed statistics are listed in the Town and Creature Reference (pg. 81). Distances on the Adventure Map

are measured in tiles.

Movement Allowance Table

Slowest Creature Speed

Super Slow - Extra Slow


Swift - Extra Swift

Very Swift

Ultra Swift - Super Swift

Quick - Super Fast

Movement Allowance

15 tiles

16 tiles

17 tiles

18 tiles

19 tiles

20 tiles