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What is is the #1 multiplayer game service on the Internet. Playing the Heroes III game on means that a player in a remote location can challenge other players in remote locations, and

they'll play in real time — like they're all sitting in the same room. offers hundreds of innovative features, including real-time voice — chat that lets you verbally taunt your opponents and praise your

teammates. When you sign up for you're joining a friendly online community where you can

participate in regular tournaments, contests, and special events.

Pricing is FREE — there are no charges or monthly fees to play the Heroes III game on

So how do I get started?

Installing is simple. Just follow these easy steps and you're on your way to the excitement

of online multiplayer gaming!

1. There are several ways to install from the Heroes III game:

• From the game CD-ROM Autorun Menu

select the More option

• From the Windows 95 Start Menu

select Heroes III and the Online Services option

• From Multiplayer Game Type Menu

select the Online Services button

• From the Heroes III folder

click on the Online Services option

2. Each of these ways will bring up the Multiplayer Online Services menu with the button,

which will:

• Check for — if you don't have it, we'll install everything you need! Just follow the easy

install instructions at the prompts. During the process, you'll set up an account and

select your member name and password.

3. After installing, your Web browser will launch and connect you to the game


• Make sure your game CD-ROM is in the disk drive.

• Now click on 'Play Now' to log onto and head to the Lobby of your game.

• Before entering the game's Lobby, we'll automatically download any additional files you might need

to make the game playable on