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Combination Artifacts - When all artifacts are equipped they 'vanish' and are

replaced by a single artifact representative of all of the combined ones.

However, the slots previously held do not become available for new artifacts.

In addition to the abilities of the combination artifacts, heroes continue to

receive all of the bonuses from the individual artifacts

Once you have found all of the pieces required to assemble a combination

artifact, you will automatically be prompted to build it. You can manually

assemble or disassemble a combination artifact by right-clicking on any

individual artifact or the combination artifact. All artifacts must be equipped

to assemble or disassemble.


Artifacts Needed




Helm of Heavenly Enlightenment

Celestial Necklace of Bliss

Sword of Judgment

Armor of Wonder

Sandals of the Saint

Lion's Shield of Courage

Allows Rampart, Tower,

Fortress, Stronghold and Castle

creatures to be mixed without a

morale penalty, for the player.

Casts Expert Prayer at the start

of combat.

Cloak of the

Undead King

Amulet of the Undertaker

Vampire's Cowl

Dead Man's Boots

30% of battlefield dead are

resurrected as Skeletons. If hero

already has the Necromancy skill

then the percentages are added

to the skill and the level of skill

determines what type is


Basic: Zombies

Advanced: Wights

Expert: Liches

Elixir of Life

Ring of Life

Vial of Life Blood

Ring of Vitality

All creatures get a 25% health

bonus and gain the regeneration

ability. Does not work on Undead

or non-living creatures

Armor of the


Skull Helmet

Blackshard of the Dead Knight

Rib Cage

Shield of the Yawning Dead

All opponents have these spells

effective on them for fifty turns:

Slow, Disrupting Ray, Curse,

Weakness, and Misfortune.