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You can trade surplus resources for needed ones at marketplaces. Clicking on a town's marketplace brings

up the Marketplace Window. One side displays your kingdom's resources. On the other side, are the

resources available at the market. Highlight the resource you want to trade, and the resource you want

to trade for. When two resources are highlighted, you may move the slider to the right to increase the

quantity of the resource to be traded. You may trade the maximum amount of your selected resource by

clicking the Maximum button. To complete the transaction, click the Trade button. Each marketplace

you control reduces the costs of trading.

Kingdom Resources

Market Resources

Buy Artifacts

Sell Creatures

Trade With Player

Amount to Give




Slider Amount to Receive

When a scenario map is created, the map maker can create alliances between players. Using the

Marketplace, you can give resources to your enemies or allies. To do this, click on the Trade With Player

button. When you do this, a display of colored flags replaces the Market Resources portion of the

Marketplace Trade Window. Choose which resource you want to give, and set the amount using the

slider. Click the flag of the player you want to give the resources to, and then click the Trade button to

confirm the gift.

In Tower and Dungeon town types, the marketplace can be upgraded by building an artifact merchant.

When you build this upgrade, you can trade artifacts for resources, and resources for artifacts. To do this,

click the Trade Artifacts button. A selection of artifacts will be displayed — this selection will be the same

for all of your artifact merchants. Click the artifact you want to purchase. The cost for the artifact will

appear under all of the Kingdom Resources icons. Choose which resource you wish to trade, and then

click the Trade button to complete the purchase. Click the Sell Artifact button to sell artifacts carried

by the visiting hero. The hero's inventory will appear. Click the artifact you want to trade, select the

resource you want to trade for, and then click the Trade button.

In Stronghold towns, you can build a Freelancer's Guild as a marketplace upgrade. When it is built, you

can trade the visiting hero's armies for resources. To do so, click the Sell Creature button. The Kingdom

Resources icons will be replaced by a display of the visiting hero's troops. Click the troop containing

creatures you want to sell, then click the resource you want to trade for. Set the number of creatures you

want to sell using the slider, and then click the Trade button to make the sale.