Gathering the Legion

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1 - Restoration of Erathia Restoration of Erathia 1 - Restoration of Erathia
1. Homecoming
2. Guardian Angels
3. Griffin Cliff
1. A Devilish Plan
2. Groundbreaking
3. Steadwick's Fall
1. Borderlands
2. Gold Rush
3. Greed
1. Steadwick's Liberation
2. Deal With the Devil
3. Neutral Affairs
4. Tunnels and Troglodytes
1. A Gryphon's Heart
2. Season of Harvest
3. Corporeal Punishment
4. From Day to Night
1. Safe Passage
2. United Front
3. For King and Country
1. The Grail
2. The Road Home
3. Independence
2 - Armageddon's Blade Armageddon's Blade 2 - Armageddon's Blade
1. Catherine's Charge
2. Shadows of the Forest
3. Seeking Armageddon
4. Maker of Sorrows
5. Return of the King
6. A Blade in the Back
7. To Kill A Hero
8. Oblivion's Edge
1. Culling the Weak
2. Savaging the Scavengers
3. Blood of the Dragon Father
4. Blood Thirsty
1. Crystal Dragons
2. Rust Dragons
3. Faerie Dragons
4. Azure Dragons
1. Razor Claw
2. Taming of the Wild
3. Clan War
4. For the Throne
1. Farming Towns
2. March of the Undead
3. Burning of Tatalia
1. Lost at Sea
2. Their End of the Bargain
3. Here There Be Pirates
4. Hurry Up and Wait
3 - Shadow of Death Shadow of Death 3 - Shadow of Death
1. Clearing the Border
2. After the Amulet
3. Retrieving the Cowl
4. Driving for the Boots
1. Graduation Exercise
2. Cutthroats
3. Valley of the Dragon Lords
4. A Thief in the Night
1. Bashing Skulls
2. Black Sheep
3. A Cage in the Hand
4. Grave Robber
1. On the Run
2. The Meeting
3. A Tough Start
4. Falor and Terwen
5. Returning to Bracada
1. Target
2. Master
3. Finneas Vilmar
4. Duke Alarice
1. Harvest
2. Gathering the Legion
3. Search for a Killer
4. Final Peace
5. Secrets Revealed
6. Agents of Vengeance
7. Wrath of Sandro
8. Invasion
9. To Strive, To Seek
10. Barbarian Brothers
11. Union
12. Fall of Sandro
1. Poison Fit for a King
2. To Build a Tunnel
3. Kreegan Alliance
4. With Blinders On
5 - Heroes Chronicles Heroes Chronicles 5 - Heroes Chronicles
1. A Barbarian King
2. The Criminal King
3. Ultimatum
4. The War for the Mudlands
5. Siege of the Wallpeaks
6. Trapped!
7. Slash and Burn
8. Steelhorn
1. Cerberus Gate
2. The Boatman
3. Truth Within Nightmares
4. Twisted Tunnels
5. Jorm's Ambush
6. Old Wounds
7. The Queen's Command
8. Never Deal with a Demon
1. The Trouble with Magic
2. Walking on Clouds
3. Don't Drink the Water
4. Hard Place
5. The Secret in the Flames
6. The Magic that Binds
7. Birds of Fire
8. Master of the Elements
1. The Dragontalker
2. Dragon's Blood
3. The Dragon Mothers
4. Dragons of Rust
5. Distrust
6. Dragons of Gossamer Wings
7. Dragons of Deepest Blue
8. Clash of the Dragons
1. A Distant Cry
2. Senseless Destruction
3. The World Within
4. The Roots of Life
5. Rebirth
1. The Endless Sands
2. The Nameless Land
3. The Sparkling Bridge
4. The Fiery Moon
5. Vorr, the Insane
1. Hopewielder
2. The First Law
3. By Royal Decree
4. The King's Son
5. The Ransom
6. Beyond the Borders
7. Naming a Nation
8. The First Tatalian War
1. Tarnum the Overlord
2. The Land of the Vori
3. A New Enemy
4. A New Ally
5. The Capture
6. Tunnels of Ice
7. The Barbarian's Wife
8. The Protectors of the Sword
4 - Horn of the Abyss Horn of the Abyss 4 - Horn of the Abyss
1. Pirates and Palms
2. Master of the Island
3. Devil Sunrise
1. Prisoner of Doom
2. Evenmorn
3. The Shores of Hell
4. The Freedom of the Nix
5. In Search of the Horn
6. Treachery
1. Frontier
2. Heart of Water
3. Horn of the Abyss
4. All Hands on Board!
1. World on Fire
2. Beyond the Horizon
3. Dead or Alive
4. Tomb Raiders
5. Deus Ex Machina
6. Tarred and Feathered
7. New Order
8. Homecoming

Second scenario of the Unholy Alliance campaign.


Right-click text

The town of Hartferd has remained independent because the two lords of this region have been too busy fighting each other to turn their greedy eyes on new territories. Recent rumors place the Legion artifact in the vicinity, so life in Hartferd is likely to get a bit more complicated.


File:H3x2 UAb.png

Crag Hack Crag Hack : On my way to visit some relatives in Erathia, I came across a village that had its sacred artifact, The Head of Legion, stolen. The mayor wants the head back as well as the other pieces of , if I can find them. This is just what I need to lift my spirits, some fun!


Map description

Crag Hack must find all the pieces of Legion and return them to the town of Hartferd to win the scenario. However, if Crag Hack is defeated in combat, the scenario is lost. Crag Hack is limited to level 30 but will carry his experience, skills and spells on to his next scenario.

Starting options

Timed events

Day 1 - Hartferd day 1.
The days and weeks searching for Sandro after his betrayal have proven fruitless. No one seems to have seen the wizard you describe. Some recognize the name from somewhere but just shrug when asked who and where he might be. Giving up for now, you decide to visit relatives who have moved from Krewlod into Erathia.

While you pass through a town called Hartferd, its mayor, a portly balding man called Timis, accosts you at the inn you're staying in.

"Please help us, sir... Crag Hack, if I may call you that. A matter of grave import has befallen us. A knight named Tyranell has stolen our town artifact, the Head of Legion, from us. The only reason Hartferd is on the map is because of this artifact, so it's important we get it back. Also, it's rumored that the other pieces of the Legion artifact are around; perhaps you could find those for us too? Once the full artifact is assembled, Hartferd would truly become a fabulous city. We can't offer you much reward, but you would be celebrated as a true hero and always welcome here."

As Timis is speaking you can't help but think of once again having to find artifacts for someone. Perhaps Sandro has his hand in this somehow. You probably would have helped him anyway, but now they couldn't hold you back with two dozen horses.

Day 2 - Warring Knights
As you start out on your quest to find the Stolen Head and other pieces of Legion, a scout rides up and tells you there are two other knight factions in the region. Both are looking, and neither is hospitable to outsiders.
Day 7 - Scout report.
Scouts report rumors that Tyranell (the knight who stole the Head of Legion) is hiding out somewhere on an Island in the southwest. As for the other pieces, there is not much to go on other than they might be underground somewhere in the area.
(57, 11, 0) Castle: Day 7 - Hartferd builders
The inhabitants of Hartferd are building up their town to help you.

Build: Guardhouse, Archers' Tower

(57, 11, 0) Castle: Day 14 - Build 2.
The inhabitants of Hartferd are building up their town to help you.

Build: Upg. Griffin Tower

(57, 11, 0) Castle: Day 21 - Building 3.
The inhabitants of Hartferd are building up their town to help you.

Build: Guardhouse, Barracks

(57, 11, 0) Castle: Day 28 - Building 4.
The inhabitants of Hartferd are building up their town to help you.

Build: Monastery

(57, 11, 0) Castle: Day 35 - Building 5.
The inhabitants of Hartferd are building up their town to help you.

Build: Training Grounds



Location Message
8, 60, 0 You find an old retainer of Tyranell's, discharged from the knight's service and sitting dejected in the sand. You question him, and he tells you that Sandro was going to pay Tyranell well to find the Head and other pieces of Legion. Tyranell is just waiting for authorities to give up the search for him to continue his quest. For his information, you give the retainer some gold and send him on his way.

-30 Gold Gold


Location Color Type Name
5, 42, 0 Tan Castle
10, 12, 0 Tan Castle
33, 43, 0 Castle
35, 66, 0 Blue Castle
57, 11, 0 Red Castle Hartferd
59, 8, 1 Blue Castle
66, 48, 0 Blue Castle
Red Red Player
Blue Blue Enemy
Tan Tan Enemy


Location Color Hero
5, 43, 0 Tan Lord Velmor Lord Velmor the Knight
10, 58, 0 Blue Tyranell Tyranell the Knight
35, 67, 0 Blue Lord Chasim Lord Chasim the Knight
57, 12, 0 Red Crag Hack Crag Hack the Barbarian


Location Type Message
31, 35, 1 Battle Dwarf Battle Dwarf
Treasure: 2000 Gold Gold
36, 37, 1 Battle Dwarf Battle Dwarf
Treasure: 1000 Gold Gold
44, 18, 0 Peasant Peasant Please don't hurt us! We'll do as you want, we promise!
48, 50, 0 Gold Dragon Gold Dragon
Treasure: 5 Mercury Mercury, 5 Sulfur Sulfur, 5 Crystal Crystals, 5 Gem Gems, 2000 Gold Gold,
61, 25, 0 Archangel Archangel The fighting shall stop! No one shall pass!

Quest Guards

30, 42, 1 - Quest Guard
Proposal Message
The guards here say they have orders to only let Crag Hack pass.
68, 2, 0 - Quest Guard
Proposal Message
To pass to the tent beyond (giving you Island access) the guards want 8000 Gold gold.
Completion Message
The guards see you have the money to pass to the Island access tent. Do you wish to pay the toll?