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1 - Restoration of Erathia Restoration of Erathia 1 - Restoration of Erathia
2 - Armageddon's Blade Armageddon's Blade 2 - Armageddon's Blade
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Third scenario of the Specter of Power campaign.


Right-click text[edit]

The Kreegans do not believe your sincerity. To them, Necromancers are weak wraiths feeding off the living, unable to initiate any good plan. To prove your sincerity they want you to turn over the Eversmoking Ring of Sulfur. A Druid stole it some years ago and they want it back.


H3x2 SPc.png

Sandro Sandro : Kreegans are so arrogant, but I have need of their creatures to invade Erathia and crush her military. Without their brute strength I would not be able to carry out all my plans. So I will play their little game and find their precious artifact, the Eversmoking Ring of Sulfur.


Map description[edit]

Obtain the Eversmoking Ring of Sulfur for the Kreegans to win the scenario. However, if Sandro is defeated in combat, the scenario is lost. Heroes are limited to level 24, but Sandro and three of his lieutenants will carry their experience, skills and spells on to the next scenario.

Starting options[edit]

Timed events[edit]

Day 1 - Day 1
The Kreegans have demanded that the Necromancers prove their worth by hunting down the Eversmoking Ring of Sulfur. They apparently need this item to construct some of their buildings, (although to the Necromancers, it is a mere token). You have been sent to fetch this particular item personally because Finneas doesn't trust anyone else with the task. Kreegan support is essential to the plans of Deyja.
Day 1 - Computer Resources (every day)
This will give the computer resources every day.

+4 Wood Wood, +2 Mercury Mercury, +4 Ore Ore, +2 Sulfur Sulfur, +2 Crystal Crystals, +2 Gem Gems, +2 Gold Gold

Day 5 - Day 5
You have discovered why the Kreegans have not gotten the Ring back. A powerful Druid named Melodia has captured the item and dug herself into a very secure location. Using her powerful magic, Melodia has created a series of teleporters to keep intruders out. The Ring is rumored to always be on her person.
Day 12 - Scout
A scouting party returned early in the morning. They were too slow to catch the Silver Pegasi flying overhead from the direction of the Rampart town where Melodia resides. If they took a message to the other AvLee lords you will soon face more than just a single Druid.
Day 15 - Best Spy
It is always best to know your enemy, which is why you often use spies to find out what you can about them, especially this Druid. It will be a few days before the spy returns.
Day 20 - Return
Your spy returned today. The news was not good. Or at least that's what you gather from the dismembered corpse tossed on your front doorstep in the predawn hours. It would be extremely prudent to learn more about this mysterious Druid.
Day 28 - Speed is of the essence
You must move quickly or face overwhelming odds. If you do not complete your mission in the next two months then the AvLee forces will have time to organize and drive you permanently from this realm of existence. It is essential to get the ring and leave the area as quickly as possible.
Day 38 - Necromancer
It is always good to know someone who will retain and sell information. Fortunately you know such a person, a thief named Dethmar who makes it his business to know about the background of all who dwell in these lands. Jotting down a little of you know about the Druid Melodia, you send off the parchment via a dead crow.
Day 56 - Response
Dethmar has obtained some history on the Druid, but his price for revealing it to you is steep-- 3,000 gold and 4 sulfur. You send off the payment, hoping the information will be worth such a lofty sum. Soon afterwards Dethard sends the following message in reply:

"Greetings, Sandro.

Melodia is a veteran Hero of AvLee. That she has survived so many battles suggests that she is lucky to say the least. She has powerful magic abilities with a full compliment of spells in her repertoire. Any magic user would salivate to have even the briefest peek at her spell book. Her reputed skills are excellent, with her having mastered the four magical arts as well as studying combat tactics.

She has picked up more than just the pathetic Eversmoking Ring of Sulfur in her travels. I am surprised you are not after the Sandals of the Saint, the Armor of Wonder, the Golden Bow or the Hellstorm Helmet, all rumored to be in her possession.

If you choose to go up against this formidable Druid I suggest you have plenty of troops under your command.


-4 Sulfur Sulfur, -3000 Gold Gold



Location Type
5, 7, 0 Town portrait Necropolis small.gif Necropolis
31, 25, 0 Town portrait Rampart small.gif Rampart


Location Hero
4, 13, 0 Your strongest hero from previous scenario
5, 8, 0 Sandro Sandro the Necromancer
7, 12, 0 Your strongest hero from previous scenario
10, 8, 0 Your strongest hero from previous scenario
31, 26, 0 Melodia Melodia the Druid


Location Type Message
29, 14, 1 Spirit of OppressionSpirit of Oppression This will be most useful against those far too happy Rangers.