Griffin Cliff

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This is the final map in the Heroes of Might and Magic III: Restoration of Erathia campaign Long Live the Queen.


Our landing has confirmed both our rumors and fears. With the death of my father, Erathia's lands are being greedily divided by her neighbors.

Cinematic Briefing[edit]

Each year, griffins from around the world migrate to Griffin Cliff. Armies of King Gryphonheart the First tamed the griffins and trained them for war. With these great beasts, King Gryphonheart unified the divergent human colonies and formed Erathia. King Gryphonheart felt the land's native griffins were key to any Erathian war. To secure Steadwick, we need the griffins.


The region of Griffin Cliff, the annual breeding grounds from which nearly all of Erathia's Griffin population comes from, is currently under the control of the combined Nighon and Kreegan forces. Generations ago, the Griffins were key to building Erathia, and today they are key to reclaiming it.

Nighon and Kreegan infestation in this area is significant, but we must free the Griffins who are currently being forced to serve them. We have received reports that the capital city of Steadwick is under siege. Should it fall, we will need the assistance of the Griffins.

Seek out the Griffin Towers to the north. We must free them all before we can press on toward Steadwick. Good luck.


To win, you must locate and flag all 7 Griffin Towers.

Map Details[edit]

Difficulty: Normal

Map Size: Medium

Previous Map: Guardian Angels


You begin with the 8 strongest heroes you had in Guardian Angels.

The enemy begins with 3 random heroes.

Starting Options[edit]