For the Throne

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For the Throne is the fourth and final scenario of the Festival of Life campaign in Armageddon's BladeArmageddon's Blade.


Right-click text[edit]

You have risen through the ranks quickly, proving your worth and capabilities as a warrior and leader. Now you challenge King Boragus for the Throne of Krewlod itself. If you can defeat the powerful Boragus it will prove your battle skills and determination are unrivaled in all of Krewlod. This one is to the death. The winner rules.



Kilgor Kilgor : Many respect King Boragus. Many feel he is one of the greatest rulers Krewlod has ever known. I do not know this king personally and I find his accomplishments unimpressive. If he is to earn my respect, he will do so only when he stands over my grave.


Map description[edit]

You have three months to depose the king while keeping Kilgor alive. This is for the throne of Krewlod so do not fail.

Starting options[edit]

Timed events[edit]

Day - Day 1 event.
All your opponents except Duke Boragus lie at your feet. The final test in the Festival of Life begins for the throne of Krewlod. This is it, the defeat of Duke Boragus will signal the rise of Kilgor the Mighty, King by his own sword. Failure is not an option.
Day 1 - Day 1 cont
You only have 3 months to defeat the Duke or he wins by default (He is the leader of Krewlod you know). Hurry, for time is also the enemy!
Day 7 - Duke sends a message.
Duke Boragus sends a message "May the mightier warrior win, young one. I will try not to humble you overmuch, if my three comrades don't do it first"
Day 14 - Second message.
Duke Boragus sends another message "Cowardice is not so bad in one such as you, suicide is always an option"
Day 15 - Rebuttal.
You send back a rather scalding message to Duke Boragus telling him what he can do with his threats; hopefully this will keep him quiet.
Day 25 - no messages.
No more messages seem forthcoming, good. Now you can concentrate on taking the fool down.


Back way in.
There is a back way in to the king's castle, but its heavily guarded.



Location Message
63, 10, 0 This is a special bonus for the King of Krewlod.

Contents: Attack skill.png Attack Skill 7, Defense skill.png Defense Skill 7, Power skill.png Power Skill 4, Knowledge skill.png Knowledge Skill 4


Location Player Type
10, 65, 0 Red Town portrait Stronghold small.gif Stronghold
12, 28, 0 Town portrait Stronghold small.gif Stronghold
27, 13, 0 Town portrait Stronghold small.gif Stronghold
46, 62, 0 Town portrait Stronghold small.gif Stronghold
51, 22, 0 Blue Town portrait Stronghold small.gif Stronghold
61, 49, 0 Town portrait Stronghold small.gif Stronghold
62, 9, 0 Blue Town portrait Stronghold small.gif Stronghold


Location Type Message
1, 26, 0 Peasant Peasant You laugh and point at the peasant horde guarding their measly earnings.
55, 65, 0 Roc Roc
Treasure: 1000 Gold Gold
63, 61, 0 Roc Roc
Treasure: 1000 Gold Gold


Location Player Hero
4, 63, 0 Red Gurnisson Gurnisson the Barbarian
10, 59, 0 Red Gird Gird the Battle Mage
10, 66, 0 Red Kilgor Kilgor the Barbarian
15, 63, 0 Red Oris Oris the Battle Mage
44, 22, 0 Blue Terek Terek the Battle Mage
52, 24, 0 Blue Crag Hack Crag Hack the Barbarian
56, 52, 0 Blue Vey Vey the Battle Mage
62, 10, 0 Blue Duke Boragus Duke Boragus the Barbarian
Quest Guard.gif 66, 5, 0 - Quest Guard
Proposal Message
The guard at the post states that his favorite fishing hole has been invaded by a group of water elementals. He will let the first person to clear out these elementals to pass through the gate.

Quest: Defeat the Water Elemental Water Elementals at (32, 41, 0)



Kilgor Kilgor : I have bathed in the blood of my enemies and sit upon the throne of Krewlod. My reign begins now. I am king.