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Homecoming is the first scenario of the Long Live the Queen campaign in Restoration of Erathia Restoration of Erathia.


Right-click text[edit]

Queen Catherine has departed to elicit military support from King Gavin Magnus of Bracada. Other generals are fanning through the region. Establish a base of operations, rally local militia, determine the extent of the Nighon occupation, and find their invasion route.



Catherine Catherine : Our initial landing has captured a devastated outpost. Information is scarce and unreliable at best. Neighboring citizens have fled their villages. Remaining survivors tell conflicting stories. Evidence points to a Nighon invasion. Rally local militia and train them quickly. Destroy all hostile forces you encounter. Assume the worst. Assume we are at war.


Map description[edit]

To win, you must locate and capture the town of Terraneus. Your Heroes will be limited to 6th level in this scenario, but your 4 strongest Heroes will travel with you to the next scenario of this campaign.

Starting options[edit]

Timed events[edit]

Day 1 - Story Background, pt1
From Catherine Ironfist, Queen of Enroth: "General, our initial landing shows evidence of an invasion by the Dungeon Overlords of Nighon."
Day 1 - Story Background, pt2
"These people have been under Nighon military rule for the past thirty days. We assume the adjacent towns of Plinth, Mirham, and Trailia are also under Nighon or Eeofol occupation."
Day 1 - Story Background, pt3
"Other generals are fanning through the region to determine the extent of the territorial violation. For this area, your goal is simple. Establish a base of operations, rally local militia, determine the extent of the Nighon occupation, and find their invasion route."
Day 1 - Story Background, pt4
"If you can secure their main base of operations, we will be able to quickly eliminate any remaining forces. Good luck."
Tan (33, 35, 1) Dungeon: Day 1 - Computer Timber Supplies (every 7 days)
A caravan from the surface arrives with your weekly wood supplies.

+14 Wood Wood

Day 2 - Recon: Mirham
Returning from Mirham, a scout enters the Caryatid courtyard and reports, "Mirham is under occupation by Eeofol and Nighon troops."
Day 4 - Recon: Plinth
One of your aids approaches and hands you a scroll, mentioning that the scout who just delivered it was suffering from numerous injuries. You unfurl and read the scroll: "Plinth is occupied by Eeofol's troops."
Day 6 - Recon: Trailia
Leading his griffin mount, a scout bearing the cuts of arrows and harpy scratches, approaches, kneels, and delivers his report, "General, Trailia is under the strong hand of Nighon monsters."


Archer's Tower northeast of Plinth
I heard the Archer's Tower northeast of Plinth fell easily to a horde of Troglodytes.
Barracks southwest of Trailia
Some of the best Swordsmen in Erathia are trained in the Barracks southwest of Trailia.
Bracada Mountain Range
Being from Enroth, you should know the western mountain range is the border shared between our region and the nation of Bracada.
Contact with Steadwick
Have you heard any news from Steadwick?
Creature Generator: Pikemen_Mirham
West of Mirham is a Guardhouse where new recruits to the Erathian military receive their initial training.
Eeofol and Nighon are working together
We have seen dungeon dwellers and devils. Eeofol must be allied with Nighon.
Griffin Tower north of Caryatid
There is a Griffin Tower north of Caryatid. It was one of the first targets of the invasion.
Guardhouse north of Caryatid
I have a relative who was training to be a Pikeman in the Guardhouse north of Caryatid. I pray he survived the invasion.
Has Steadwick fallen?
Has Steadwick fallen? Is our nation's capitol under Nighon occupation?
How much of Erathia has fallen?
Is it true more than half of Erathia has fallen to Nighon, Krewlod, and Tatalia?
Hut of the Magi
East of Mirham in a large hut lives a magi. One of the local heroes told me he 'keeps an eye' on troop movements over the western mountain line in Bracada.
Imprisoned Erathian Heroes
Before the Nighon Overlords invaded, this region was protected by some of Erathia's finest heroes. No one knows where they have gone.
Invasion: They came without warning
There was no warning. During the night, we found ourselves surrounded by dungeon dwellers and devils. Some believe the armies were part of a 'mass teleport'.
Invasion: Where did they come from
Nighon is across the ocean, but we haven't seen any boats.
Is it true Queen Catherine has returned to Erathia?
Is it true Queen Catherine has returned to Erathia?
King Gryphonheart: murdered
Enroth may not have heard. King Gryphonheart did not die of natural causes.
King Gryphonheart: poisoned
I have heard King Gryphonheart died from poison in his food.
Monastery northwest of Mirham
Though we haven't heard from the Monastery northwest of Mirham, it is known enemy reinforcements were recently sent to their location.
Nighon occupation
Many cities in this region are still under Nighon occupation.
Thanks for the Rescue
Many thanks for rescuing our city.
The Knight Gier
I have heard the knight, Gier, is being held prisoner northwest of Mirham.
Debris from many ships orbit ocean whirlpools. Surviving captains consider themselves stronger for suffering the ordeal. However, the crew many think otherwise.



Location Message
18, 35, 0 Having defeated the Troglodytes, your men free the Guardhouse. Within, the occupying Pikemen are eager to fight at your side.


Location Player Type Name
8, 54, 0 Tan Town portrait Castle small.gif Castle Plinth
33, 35, 0 Tan Town portrait Castle small.gif Castle Mirham
33, 35, 1 Tan Town portrait Dungeon small.gif Dungeon Terraneus
58, 8, 0 Tan Town portrait Castle small.gif Castle Trailia
66, 56, 0 Red Town portrait Castle small.gif Castle Caryatid


Location Player Hero
11, 17, 0 Prison.gif Orrin Orrin the Knight
33, 36, 1 Tan Xyron Xyron the Heretic
64, 57, 0 Red Christian Christian the Knight


Location Message
26, 41, 0 Plinth: Southwest. Mirham: Northeast.
41, 23, 0 Trailia: Northeast. Mirham: Southwest.
48, 35, 0 Mirham: west. Caryatid: Follow the mountains east, then south.