Steadwick's Fall

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This is the last map of the Heroes of Might and Magic III: Restoration of Erathia campaign Dungeons and Devils.


Erathian history has never recorded the fall of Steadwick to her enemies. Today we start a glorious campaign to forever change this fact. No longer will we allow Erathia to hamper our religious and economic ways of life. We have the element of surprise. We will soon have victory as well.


Assault the Erathian capital of Steadwick. This won't be easy, as the capital is easily and well defended. To make matters worse, the force led by Queen Catherine is on the move. We must capture Steadwick before she arrives!

Cinematic Briefing[edit]

Catherine Ironfist has enlisted aid from Bracada and AvLee. She knows we are close to Steadwick. We must occupy Steadwick before she arrives. Once we own Erathia's capitol, not even Catherine Ironfist will wrench it from our hands.


You are to be congratulated on your progress so far. You have laid waste to Eastern Erathia, and are now within striking distance of the Erathian capital of Steadwick. You must capture the capital quickly!

Not only have Bracada and AvLee sent reinforcements, but we have received news that Queen Catherine Ironfist is marching a sizeable army from the south. We must control the capital and its garrisons before she arrives.


To win, you must capture the city of Steadwick within 3 months.

Map Details[edit]

Difficulty: Fairly easy. The only difficulty is that the main enemy leader is very powerful. Just make sure to concentrate your troops, Artifacts, and experience into two armies, one of demons, and one of Underearth.

Map Size: Large

Previous map: Groundbreaking


You start with your 8 strongest heroes from either A Devilish Plan or Groundbreaking.

The enemy starts with General Kendal.

Starting Options[edit]