A New Enemy

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1 - Restoration of Erathia Restoration of Erathia 1 - Restoration of Erathia
1. Homecoming
2. Guardian Angels
3. Griffin Cliff
1. A Devilish Plan
2. Groundbreaking
3. Steadwick's Fall
1. Borderlands
2. Gold Rush
3. Greed
1. Steadwick's Liberation
2. Deal With the Devil
3. Neutral Affairs
4. Tunnels and Troglodytes
1. A Gryphon's Heart
2. Season of Harvest
3. Corporeal Punishment
4. From Day to Night
1. Safe Passage
2. United Front
3. For King and Country
1. The Grail
2. The Road Home
3. Independence
2 - Armageddon's Blade Armageddon's Blade 2 - Armageddon's Blade
1. Catherine's Charge
2. Shadows of the Forest
3. Seeking Armageddon
4. Maker of Sorrows
5. Return of the King
6. A Blade in the Back
7. To Kill A Hero
8. Oblivion's Edge
1. Culling the Weak
2. Savaging the Scavengers
3. Blood of the Dragon Father
4. Blood Thirsty
1. Crystal Dragons
2. Rust Dragons
3. Faerie Dragons
4. Azure Dragons
1. Razor Claw
2. Taming of the Wild
3. Clan War
4. For the Throne
1. Farming Towns
2. March of the Undead
3. Burning of Tatalia
1. Lost at Sea
2. Their End of the Bargain
3. Here There Be Pirates
4. Hurry Up and Wait
3 - Shadow of Death Shadow of Death 3 - Shadow of Death
1. Clearing the Border
2. After the Amulet
3. Retrieving the Cowl
4. Driving for the Boots
1. Graduation Exercise
2. Cutthroats
3. Valley of the Dragon Lords
4. A Thief in the Night
1. Bashing Skulls
2. Black Sheep
3. A Cage in the Hand
4. Grave Robber
1. On the Run
2. The Meeting
3. A Tough Start
4. Falor and Terwen
5. Returning to Bracada
1. Target
2. Master
3. Finneas Vilmar
4. Duke Alarice
1. Harvest
2. Gathering the Legion
3. Search for a Killer
4. Final Peace
5. Secrets Revealed
6. Agents of Vengeance
7. Wrath of Sandro
8. Invasion
9. To Strive, To Seek
10. Barbarian Brothers
11. Union
12. Fall of Sandro
1. Poison Fit for a King
2. To Build a Tunnel
3. Kreegan Alliance
4. With Blinders On
4 - Horn of the Abyss Horn of the Abyss 4 - Horn of the Abyss
1. Pirates and Palms
2. Master of the Island
3. Devil Sunrise
1. Prisoner of Doom
2. Evenmorn
3. The Shores of Hell
4. The Freedom of the Nix
5. In Search of the Horn
6. Treachery
1. Frontier
2. Heart of Water
3. Horn of the Abyss
4. All Hands on Board!
1. World on Fire
2. Beyond the Horizon
3. Dead or Alive
4. Tomb Raiders
5. Deus Ex Machina
6. Tarred and Feathered
7. New Order
8. Homecoming
5 - Heroes Chronicles Heroes Chronicles 5 - Heroes Chronicles
1. A Barbarian King
2. The Criminal King
3. Ultimatum
4. The War for the Mudlands
5. Siege of the Wallpeaks
6. Trapped!
7. Slash and Burn
8. Steelhorn
1. Cerberus Gate
2. The Boatman
3. Truth Within Nightmares
4. Twisted Tunnels
5. Jorm's Ambush
6. Old Wounds
7. The Queen's Command
8. Never Deal with a Demon
1. The Trouble with Magic
2. Walking on Clouds
3. Don't Drink the Water
4. Hard Place
5. The Secret in the Flames
6. The Magic that Binds
7. Birds of Fire
8. Master of the Elements
1. The Dragontalker
2. Dragon's Blood
3. The Dragon Mothers
4. Dragons of Rust
5. Distrust
6. Dragons of Gossamer Wings
7. Dragons of Deepest Blue
8. Clash of the Dragons
1. A Distant Cry
2. Senseless Destruction
3. The World Within
4. The Roots of Life
5. Rebirth
1. The Endless Sands
2. The Nameless Land
3. The Sparkling Bridge
4. The Fiery Moon
5. Vorr, the Insane
1. Hopewielder
2. The First Law
3. By Royal Decree
4. The King's Son
5. The Ransom
6. Beyond the Borders
7. Naming a Nation
8. The First Tatalian War
1. Tarnum the Overlord
2. The Land of the Vori
3. A New Enemy
4. A New Ally
5. The Capture
6. Tunnels of Ice
7. The Barbarian's Wife
8. The Protectors of the Sword

xxx A New Enemy Heroes Chronicles
3 Total Players / 1 Human Player
Underground disabled Size 1 (36×36) - S
Tarnum must defeat the Vori Elves guarding the land bridge to the northern glaciers, but a new enemy has joined the search for the Sword of Frost. All of Tarnum's skills, spells, and experience will transfer to the next scenario along with his best Captain. All Heroes are limited to level 18.
Victory condition:
Capture Town: (22, 10, 0)
Loss condition:
Lose Hero: Tarnum
Allies: Teal Enemies:       1:BlueTan
Choose a bonus:
 Start with Marketplace  Start with Blacksmith 
Difficulty 2: Normal - The player starts with a moderate advantage in resources, and the computer plays reasonably well.
Carried to next scenario:
Tarnum (Overlord)
 1 strongest heroes
Max level:


Unnamed male historian: Another set her eyes on the Sword of Frost, but neither did she want to destroy it or keep it from being found. Kija, the wife of the brutal Barbarian King Kilgor, came to possess this dangerous blade. More than ever, Tarnum had to succeed.


Timed events[edit]

Day 1 - day 1
Gelu is still ahead of me, and the reports from my scouts say that he's fortified a town near the land bridge to the northern glaciers. It's the only way to reach Gelu, so I'll need to take that town.

But my Harpy spies have spotted Barbarians in the area as well. What are they doing up here in the north? Ever since I heard the news, I've had a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach.

Teal Day 3 - day 3
I was untested before, but now after I've placed a few victories under my belt the evil Dragons have agreed to join me here in the north. The Red Dragons complain endlessly about the cold - forcing me to build huge bonfires to keep them warm. It's costing me a lot of wood, but since Gelu is bound to have some of the Green and Gold Dragons fighting on his side, I'm going to need their power.
Teal Day 6 - day 6
The example I set for my people when I was the brutal Barbarian Tyrant has come to its final fruition today. A man named Kilgor now rules my people, and he's turned them into the blood thirstiest bunch of savages in all the land.

But still I had hope for my people. I sent some messengers to the nearby Barbarians asking them why they have come here, and if we can enter into an alliance together.

BlueTan Day 8 - Day 8 - Computer (every 7 days)
Computer Resources - DO NOT TRANSLATE

Resources: +15 Wood Wood, +5 Mercury Mercury, +15 Ore Ore, +5 Sulfur Sulfur, +5 Crystal Crystals, +5 Gem Gems, +5000 Gold Gold

Teal Day 13 - day 13
A rugged warrior rode into camp today, refusing to surrender his axe to my guards. I saw him from a distance and recognized him as one of my people - a Barbarian - and ordered that he be brought to me.

"That is not wise, Overlord Tarnum," said the Beholder, Neez.

"Yes," added Kilkik, "he could be an assassin. Let us interrogate him."

"No, I will talk to him," I said.

Remembering that I am supposed to be insane, I looked to my right into thin air and said, "I told them, mother! I'll talk to the savage...yes, alone!"

Turning back to the Beholders, I said, "Take the Barbarian to my tent. I will talk to him alone."

Later, the Barbarian was escorted before me. He appeared proud and strong, ready to die.

"Good day," I said.

"You lead this slime?"

"Yes, and what are you savages doing so far from home?" I asked.

"I represent my leader, Kija, third wife of King Kilgor of the Krewlod!" the Barbarian said.

"What does she have to say?"

"Only this, Nighon scum! She has come to this land seeking the Sword of Frost. She does not know why you have come here, but she warns you that if you get in her way she will string you up by your ankles. Do you understand?"

So, I was dealing with the third wife of Kilgor himself. I'm sure she wasn't looking for the Sword of Frost for herself, but for her husband. Again I had that sinking feeling in my stomach. This was exactly what the Ancestors were talking about. More than ever, I had to convince Gelu to stop looking for the Sword of Frost. Imagine what a madman like Kilgor could do if it fell in his hands.

"Do you understand?" the Barbarian messenger spat.

Just then, I saw a shadow drift across my tent - the familiar shape of one of my Beholder advisors. If I let this Barbarian talk to me in that way, the Beholders would sense a weakness. As much as I disliked it, I still needed them and my troops.

So, I cleared the distance to the messenger in a single jump and broke his nose. While he was stunned, I took away the Barbarian's weapon and broke his arm with the blunt end of the axe. Then I threw the Barbarian outside the tent where everyone could see.

"Go tell that woman that I do what I wish! I'm not like Kilgor, cowering behind his females when something has to be done. I am a Nighon Overlord!"

Then I buried the axe in the ground between the man's legs and told him to flee before I strung him up by his ankles.

Teal Day 17 - Day 17
The Barbarian woman Kija doesn't realize that I probably know Barbarians better than anyone. I knew my threats would be met with violence. Unfortunately, I didn't have any choice in the matter.

She declared war on me, and now I have two enemies here in the north - and I'd rather not kill either of them. I don't relish killing my own people, no matter how misled they are, and over the years I have lived with the Elves I have grown to love them as well.

Teal Day 19 - day 19
I've had to dip into my reserves of wood to keep the fires burning for the Dragons. Fighting battles in the north are never easy or cheap.

Resources: -10 Wood Wood

Teal Day 22 - day 22
The Beholders Neez and Kilkik meet briefly with me each night to keep me informed about our progress and discuss the next days' march. Neez, who seems to have ears in every faction of the camp, keeps me informed of any possible betrayals so I can squash them before they get out of hand. And Kilkik has taken charge of collecting intelligence on our enemies.

Today he informed me that he learned something interesting as he interrogated an Orc prisoner. I didn't ask about the interrogation or if the Orc survived. I already knew the answers to those questions.

"It seems that this Third Wife is trying to arrange for her sons to be named as Kilgor's heirs," said Kilkik.

"Yes, of course! If she gives Kilgor a weapons as powerful as this Sword of Frost, he'll certainly be grateful," I said.

"So, we've determined that alternate methods of dealing with her - such as bribery or extortion - will most likely fail. She has a higher goal in mind and will probably never surrender," said Neez.

Which meant the only way I was going to be rid of Kija was to kill her.

Teal Day 26 - day 26
During one of our strategy meetings, I turned to Kilkik and asked, "Have you learned yet where Gelu is going? Maybe we can beat him to it."

"No," said Kilkik.

"All the Elven prisoners we've interrogated have been ignorant of Gelu's ultimate plan. He's a wise leader, keeping that secret from his own people," said Neez.

"But I have a suggestion," said Kilkik.


"So far, we have only captured underlings - the unimportant. We need to capture someone close to Gelu."

It was a good idea, but right now Gelu ignored me as long as he was well ahead of my army. If I kidnapped someone he cared for, it would probably anger the impetuous Elf.

Then again, maybe that's what I needed. I needed Gelu to be off guard.



Location Color Type Name
2, 34, 0 Teal Dungeon
4, 11, 0 Tan Stronghold
22, 10, 0 Blue Rampart
28, 31, 0 Tan Stronghold


Location Color Hero
2, 35, 0 Teal Tarnum Tarnum the Overlord
22, 12, 0 Blue Coronius Coronius the Druid
28, 32, 0 Tan Terek Terek the Battle Mage

Quest Guards[edit]

Location Quest Reward Messages

24, 23, 0
Return with:
Celestial Necklace of BlissCelestial Necklace of Bliss
(remove) Proposal: This tower would take more time than you can spare to siege, so you make an arrangement with the guards to allow you to pass if you deliver the Celestial Necklace of Bliss to them.
Progress: The guards won't even speak to you unless you have the Celestial Necklace of Bliss.
Completion: You refuse to throw the Celestial Necklace of Bliss up to the guards as they ask, so you wait them out. Ultimately, their greed gets the better of them and they open the door, offering to allow you and your army to pass if you hand the Necklace over.

Do you give them the Necklace now?