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Fourth and final scenario of the Hack and Slash campaign.


Right-click text[edit]

Another group of Necromancers live in this region of Avauntnell along with a small group of former Erathian Militia who have been bribed by the Necromancers to leave them alone. The Necromancers, called the "Hand of Death," have been relatively quiet, and Erathia hasn't realized yet that some of their militia has been bribed, so they have been left alone over the past few decades.


H3x2 HSd.png

Crag Hack Crag Hack : Now that I gave him the Death Knight's Sword, Sandro wants me to fight some more Necromancers for a shield. More stinking Undead to fight! This is not as much fun as I thought. Grrrr! At least this is the last thing I have to find for that puny Wizard to get my reward.


Map description[edit]

Crag Hack must acquire the Rib Cage of Power from one of the Liches haunting the swamp of Ferris to win the scenario. However, if Crag Hack is defeated in combat, the scenario is lost. Crag Hack is limited to level 20 but will carry his experience, skills and spells on to the next scenario.

Starting options[edit]

Timed events[edit]

Day 1 - Sandro 4
"You have the Rib Cage! Excellent work, Mister Hack" Sandro says back in the Wingtail tavern.

"CRAG Hack," you correct the wizard wearily.

"Now for the final item I require." Sandro pulls out a map and points to a region. "For this last task I have enlisted some former Erathian militia, now mercenaries, to assist you. They have a Castle that will be your base of operation. You are going to need their help, for the last item, The Shield of Yawning Dead, is in the hands of a Necromancer cult called the Hand of Death. They took the shield from a vampire slayer who had finally met his match when he challenged these Liches."

"Not more undead!" you groan.

"Just think your rewards at the end of this task and bring me back the Shield. Not only will you become a rich man but once again you will be doing Erathia a great service," Sandro reminds you. "And one last thing. Like the others you have battled, the Necromancers will lie to you. Do not listen to them."

As you leave the tavern you think about all the lies you have encountered on Sandro's tasks. Maybe you should collect your rewards BEFORE handing over the last artifact.

Day 1 - Captain meeting
As you approach the castle Sandro indicated on your map, its captain rides out to greet you. "Hello! Sandro has told us of your coming and we will give you our full cooperation."

"Good. Tell me what you know of our mission. We ride soon, and I want to know what lies ahead."

The mercenary captain nods and tells you about the Necromancers to the South. "The Hand of Death," as the cult is named, kept quietly to themselves until recently. However, soon after Sandro hired the captain, the Necromancers became more restless and started sending undead north.

Day 7 - Sandro sends money. (every 7 days)
Sandro sends gold to help in your search.

Gold +4000

(10, 10, 0) Cawtle: Day 12 - New recruits. (every 14 days)
An aggressive recruiting campaign by the captain and his fellow mercenaries at the castle yields some results.

Pikeman Halberdier 10 Pikemans and Halberdiers, Archer Marksman 10 Archers and Marksmen, Griffin Royal Griffin 5 Griffins and Royal Griffins

Day 15 - Message from Hand of Death.
A message arrives from the Hand of Death: "We know you have been sent by an acquaintance of ours and what it is you seek. Be warned that the Shield of the Yawning Dead is our relic. It has been a part of our graveyard for many years. We have mobilized to stop you and will do so at all costs." More lies, you think as you tear up the scroll, but still doubts remain. Is Sandro the one who cannot be trusted?
Day 28 - Barricaded Hand of Death.
Scouts report the Hand of Death has barricaded their castles very effectively. This cowardice annoys you to no end, but you decide the mission to capture the Shield is more important than taking the Necromancer castles.



Location Message
19, 25, 0 The road to the east disappears into a bunch of litter and bones.
23, 25, 0 From the looks of it, this town has been overrun with undead. Scouts advise caution -- and a fair amount of troops backing you up -- upon entering.
50, 62, 0 "Beware!" one of the shipwrights tells you, visibly shaken. "I have seen undead suddenly rise up out of nowhere on the Island." You flip him a few coins and thank him for the warning.

Gold -10

51, 55, 0 The souls of the damned who are buried here rise up and attack!

Guardians: Skeleton Warrior 120 Skeleton Warriors, Wraith 90 Wraiths, Power Lich 10 Power Liches

56, 62, 0 The souls of the damned who are buried here rise up and attack!

Guardians: Skeleton Warrior 200 Skeleton Warriors, Wraith 150 Wraiths, Power Lich 20 Power Liches


Location Type
10, 10, 0 Town portrait Castle small.gif Castle
23, 24, 0 Town portrait Castle small.gif Castle
31, 39, 0 Town portrait Necropolis small.gif Necropolis
36, 63, 0 Town portrait Necropolis small.gif Necropolis
63, 46, 0 Town portrait Necropolis small.gif Necropolis


Location Type Message
34, 16, 0 Vampire Lord Vampire Lord It looks like these vampires killed the regular guards and are now eyeing the prisoner.


Location Hero
10, 11, 0 Crag Hack Crag Hack the Barbarian
35, 15, 0 Slash Slash the Knight
31, 40, 0 Septienna Septienna the Necromancer
37, 64, 0 Vokial Vokial the Death Knight
62, 47, 0 Xsi Xsi the Necromancer
68, 70, 0 Charnath Charnath the Death Knight

Quest Guards[edit]

55, 62, 0 - Quest Guard
Proposal Message
A skeletal figure in a black robe speaks. "Charnath has tried to desecrate the cemetery before you. He hides now, and only by defeating him shall I let you pass"

(68, 70, 0) Charnath the Death Knight Charnath the Death Knight

Progress Message
The skeletal figure knows Charnath is not dead and will not let you pass.
Completion Message
Now that you have vanquished Charnath, his sins and yours are absolved. Do you wish to pass?


Location Message
33, 15, 0 Enroth Prison #520. Current Occupant: Slash.
54, 58, 0 Death may lie and wait, and death may fly, but with passing eons even death may die. Welcome to Death Head cemetery.


H3x2 HSe.png

Crag Hack Crag Hack : I've been tricked! The thieving Wizard took off with the artifacts and didn't give me my gold! When I find Sandro I'm going to rip his arms off and shove them down his lying throat! Argggggggggggggh!